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At the sauna we provide rentals by the hour and a half rental. Each sauna is avaiable for you privately. we have small, medium and large size saunas. In each sauna you will find a change room, shower and sauna. In the medium and larges there is also a bathroom. The small saunas have the bathrooms across the hall from them.  With every sauna rental, you are invited to use the public hot tub, located on the ground floor. Access is avaiable to people that use a wheelchair or walkers or are limited to stairs but small saunas are the only size available as there are four on the main floor. We also have two party rooms that are avaialble for renting that are available to larger groups.  These are limited to a party of about twent people. A deposit is required for these types of bookings and regular sauna rentals are available in a first come first serve basis.