GRAB n ' GO Fridge & Freezers

UPDATE!!! January 26, 2021

Grab N' Go Items are avail 9am-3pm, 7 days a week. We stay open until 6pm on Fridays, for Grab N' Go items only. Kitchen is open 9-3 DAILY.

Recently, we started selling our most adored food items out of a fridge & freezer located in the lobby of Kangas Sauna. This has proven to be VERY popular, at this time.

Inside you will find items like buttertarts, cheesecakes, pancake batter, soups, borscht, quiches, vacuum sealed pancakes and easy already made lunch & dinner items. Items change daily and we are constantly restocking items to keep up with demand.

This has become a favourable option for alot of people at this time. We are so happy to keep everyone fed and happy with our most popular items available to you, in an convenient way.

Call 807-344-6761 or like us on facebook to see updates to our items weekly. 

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